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Egypt's Marriott Mena House Featured in Time Magazine's World's 100 Greatest Places to Visit of 2018

History, luxury and all things Egyptian, Mena House has it all in spades.

In a spot of hospitable news this fine Saturday afternoon, storied hunting lodge-turned-hospitality icon Mena House has been featured in Time's first annual World's Greatest Places to Visit (of 2018). Whereas most hotels and hospitality establishments out there place themselves near majestic bodies of water (never a bad thing), the Mariott Mena House has long been a luxurious watcher over the Great Pyramid of Giza. Standing out at its finest.

It's not exactly an easy feat making a list of only 100 places to go in this (sometimes) wondrous world of ours. But thanks to Time's numerous correspondents and editors around the glove, 100 entries scattered over six continents and 48 countries have been handpicked for the world to see.

One doesn't have to wonder why Mena House can go head to head with places like Tianjin's Binhai Library, London's Temple of Mithras Kenya's Giraffe Manor (please google it) and Sweden's chilling Icehotel 365. Being a khedivial landmark, home to Egypt's first swimming pool, a bastion for both the first and second World Wars' wounded and the spot where the signing of the Camp David Peace Settlement took place, it's a well-deserved spot among the rest of Time's amazing entries.  Oh and did we mention Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin, Roger Moore and Charlton Heston stayed there? Well now you know.

The house has seen its fair share of royal rennovations over the past century, and as it stands, it boasts 331 luxury suites, 40 acres of lush gardens, four grand dining areas, a spa, the famed first pool of Egypt and even an 18-hole gold course. Not to mention those Victorian-era fireplaces, perfect for harsh Giza winters.

Main image from Kuoni

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